“Basically, if you're not a utopianist, you're a schmuck.” ― Jonathan Feldman

To be happy in this world, first you need a cell phone and then you need an airplane. Then you’re truly wireless.

Ted Turner

About us, the Ad-topianists

We are a Mobile Performance Marketing Network serving customized campaign solutions for start to end campaigns in the global mobile web. Based on state-of-the-art technology, and amassed know-how and extensive experience Ad-topia offers Advertisers, Publishers and App developers, campaign management and monetization expertise for their mobile advertising objectives and web and application traffic.

Consisting of veterans of the online and mobile industry, and having an accumulated business experience of over 20 years in online and mobile advertising, adserving technologies and systems, we’re bringing all of our experience, talent, and technology know-how to mobile advertising, publisher monetization and app distribution. We built a service to best serve the needs of mobile advertisers today, and can ensure high campaign results, app installs and the highest profit-per-customer for our clients. Our robust network and advanced technology choices ensure campaigns are delivered to the best quality, largest audience possible.

We invite you to try Ad-topia and see what this unique mix can do for your campaigns, offers and brand awareness.

Ad-topian traffic Breakdown

APAC - 30%

Europe - 40%

North Americas - 15%

Latam - 15%

The Ad-topianists


Rachael Alter

Chief Operations

Samantha Gurfinkiel

Business Development


Shoshana Krug

Account Manager

Noa Nussbacher

Account Manager

Annie Bachner

Account Manager

Mickael Flak

Account Manager

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Our services to Advertisers, Publishers and App Developers



The mobile marketing world is a confusing and complex landscape, making it difficult for marketers to actualize their advertising goals. At Ad-topia we provide scalable results and high ROI that helps you run your business successfully.

Our client’s campaigns access billions of quality global mobile users in over 190  countries from one campaign setup. With hyper targeting possibilities and algorithmic learning, finding your desired targets over and over again is our expertise. Read more! 

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Successfully monetise your global Mobile traffic by accessing top grossing campaigns served world wide. Using our advanced machine learning algorithms allow your inventory to be optimized by the best decisioning engine in the business. Our robust reporting and dashboard includes Ad requests, views, clicks/CTR, revenue allowing you to make data-driven decisions about your website and app. Our Next-Gen Mobile Ad Formats are uniquely designed to maximise your revenue.

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<strong><b>App services</b></strong>

App services

Whether you are looking to maximise your app revenue or distribute your application to a global quality audience; at Ad-topia you won’t have to choose. From engaging users to your brand, driving downloads or increasing lifetime value; at Ad-topia we have the traffic, insight and know-how in reaching your bottom line. And once you have a significant user base, we will ensure that you have the highest revenue stream in from your app, from our global base of quality advertisements.

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Our insights, thoughts & dreams





Stuart Waters joined Ad-topia

Beginning of March, Stuart Waters joined Ad-topia as a junior account manager. Stuart is a London native and has been living in Tel Aviv since August 2014. He has a background in Finance, Accounting and Financial Analysis. His passions are cars, mechanics and the culinary arts.  A fulltime pet lover Stuart grew up with dogs […]

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Mobile World Congress – Barcelona 2015

  Ad-topia is also attending the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona between the 2nd and the 5th of March 2015. We are very much looking forward to catching up with you. If you (or any representative from your company) is attending, please reach out to Julia to schedule a meeting.

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