Ad-Topian advertising is;
The right message, in the right place at the right time on the right device to drive optimal performance – and the best possible results. It’s that simple…

Ad formats

We carry various ad formats to ensure we reach optimal performance
From standard IAB sizes for maximum scale (JPG/GIF/PNG),  to the ‘Blast-Out-Of-The-Water’ overlays, popups and video ads


overlay  popup video1

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Why spend money on a haystack when all you are looking for is a needle? Ad-topian Advertising starts with targeting capabilities in over 26 data points so that you can hyper target exactly whats giving you exceptional results.

1. Operating Systems: Android, IOS,RIM,Symbian,Windows
2. Device type: Smartphone, Tablet, Ipod
3. Carrier and Wifi/non Wifi
4. Content Channel – IAB standards
5. Specific Websites and Applications
6. Location: Country, State, City, GPS coordinates, Zip codes
7. Time of day, Day of week
8. Demographics: Age, Gender, Interests
9. Traffic Type: Applications or Mobile Web
10. Behavioural

You didn’t catch your customer first time around ? No worries! … According to online studies only 2% digital shoppers convert first time around… retargeting brings in the other 98%.

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